Bachelor Pad

Wife flew to Colorado Springs for her birthday
I was left to be the man of the house, the keeper
of the castle, sultan of the hearth.

First order of business: put TV on in every room;
Fire up all the computers, make a run to Food Lion
in sweat pants and slippers to get stocked up:
Bud Ice, Cheddarwurst, Kraft Cheese, ribeyes,

Reticulating thrombosis
anal catheterization
clavical nomenclature.

Intro to burning heavens
gentle isotopes blistering oblongata
hungry darwin
swollen testicles
furious brushfires
dragonflies hit by lightning.

So it was the time alone as a bachelor.
Storming the threshold

marbles smash small walls
gamble on the guillotine
won’t fall on the arrogant finger.


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