House of God

Dreaming houses
wandering rooms
mansion of the mind.

When I sleep there’s another house.
Floor after floor. Sprawling castles.
Colleges. Institutions. Shanties.
Sanctuaries. Barns. Basements.

I woke up in a dark cellar
vomit on the shoes.
spilling beer on Jesus
methhead speed freak taxman
porn mule smuggler crotch rocket
show dog or mutt
in my dreams.

Beneath the pyramid is the crypt room.
Lost souls kept there.
Eye inside the triangle.
With a toothbrush I clean between each crack.
Letting time take its time.
Scrubbing the walls,
knees scraping the floor.

Not up the ladder, not up the stairs
until the housecleaning is done
one step at a time.


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