I Sat Beneath The Radar

I sat beneath the radar
waiting to choke.

Catalpa leaves spread vagina-wide
Loneliness is newsprint fame forgotten.

Opened wide to catalpa leaves in summer storm wind
early this year, exhausted from pushing.

Rise rise to myths or brainwash
Trilateral commissions
noctural emissions
frost on bright eyes
marches to flaming cars
stubborn peace
we will not get along.

I called desperately before it was too late
and tempted to hear you.

But there was the swirl of blue flowers
blurred on a needle point
punching thin flesh

Prayers into anathema
prayers for screenching fingernails
prayers for smash-ups when blood is everywhere

Wishing to be so-smart
to evade the red light.

Burn that engine.
Smoke confuses radar.


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