Stink Bug Invasion

It was the year of the stink bug invasion in Virginia.
They came in droves. Circling in parabolas like
electrons around the nucleus of lamp posts.
Brown shields waddle across the floor. Scuttle across
windows. Scale the heights of garbage cans.

Friggin stink bugs. Even picking them up with toilet paper
you want to wash your hands vigorously.
Step on one with bare feet. It crunches like a cereal flake.

Not the first time a scourge arrives.
What about the giant frogs of Papua?
The cane toads of Australia?
The locust hordes of Egypt?

Black Plague sweeps Europe.
Nazis invade Poland.
Eight million people stream into Manhattan every weekend.

Birthrates in China held to one family while in Kenya seven
children per mother is the average.
In madrassas young jihadists multiply their numbers
one subtracts from many with a single calculation.


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