Swimming On Mescaline

I stand by the farm pond
where Holsteins submerge
Frog eggs cluster like cloudy lungs.
Jawbone moon backdrops night

sieve sky pinholed with stars
when toy boats shimmered on hot ripples
white handkerchiefed sails whisked
wooden ships over algae
beds and bream
dragonflies mate on lily pads
snapping turtles bake on logs

June bugs brush my tan skin
magic summer evenings
through orchard grass and manure
liightning rod globes on the barn
radiant pink twilight eggs
swirling night birds dive-bomb mosquitoes
warm silky water
cottonmouth-shivered water
fat bodies drag like
cables through a flat moon.


Strobing water calls
again waffled rinks of entropy
I’ve shamed my father’s name,
killed the seed, wrecked the dream
veins humming clenched.
treeline portraits of trapped stars
heavens disrobe like a shedding locust
my body slips a finger
in honey, ember in butter
into infinite sparkles
if the snakes are biting
it will be nips of puppies
quick needles stings sleek
bodies brushing soft
substance disperses molecules
water loosens core flesh
arms shrinking fins, driftwood
lungs gills sluicing bubbling
wavering furnace moon searchlight.
echo inside turtle green
salamander heartbeats
stars beckon
fireflies circle primordial


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