The Lists

First, clog the colon with Velveeta.
Exercise a lot at the Local ymca
until thine buttocks are firm as a gladiator
dreaming of being a 300-style Spartan.

At the gates of Hades
on Wards Road below Liberty
you have a 1200mm camera through
haze a mile away as the great Falwell is buried.

Gary Fong and Strobanar.
Pocket Wizard and Alien Bees.
Gel kits and SanDisk 4GB cards.
Apple announcements, forgotten
directions to the places you’ve lived before.

It’s all too strange but worthy to find a way.

One problem may be, actually, focus.

There will never be time for everything, even
with a Methuslian 500 years.
Gulpers and hoarders want everything.
Might there be a cross to plant

a vital message to impart.
might there be
a worthwhile intervention.


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