You’ve Come A Long Way

Raggedy tie-dye flag.
Mildrew rots the tipi.
Finger paint fades on the peace pole.
Seedeaters on welfare.

Annual gathering of the tribes.
Naked breasts, middle-aged
droop in the shadows
hiding from the bonfire.

Might still you love me baby
now that wars persist regardless

I know a friend of a friend
who in the 60s was one of the
acidheads that flocked to India.
Aha aha ahhhhh oooohhhhhh ahhhhhh

lost her core
that directional map
east muddled the west
even now her world’s
compass spins in mauve blurs

morning or midnight are

impressionist sketches, unfinished

trembling blink blink blink

lost on the seven seas.


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