Three crows twisting in a cawing gyre beyond the skeleton locusts.
White cat crouching in the emerald bamboo thatch.
Candle-tip stars floating on tar black through a cloudy fissure.
Four deer sprinting across frosty broomstraw on a wind-strewn dusk.
Downhill to Big Otter Creek on 221 a “Jesus First” sign is nailed to a fencepost.
Five four-leaf clovers pressed into a new life scrapbook.

A whoosh of witchwinded oak leaves spinning in a mushy clatter.
Rain spattering a black umbrella on a midnight meadow stroll.
Swarm of white pear blossoms roller coasting the rising gusts.
A flock of two dozen bluebirds scattering from cemetery trees.
Numeric phenomena, 11s and 22s and 7s synching by the score.
Yellow feather from a childhood Indian bonnet on the heart pine floor.

Snow damp red mud across the tractor gate to the field behind the tracks.
A mallard irridescent on chartreuse grass drenched in early morning sun.
Prayers echo across the Universe where infinite distance is everywhere.
Candlelight flecks the ceramic angel on the dark-varnished mantlepiece.
Inner child sheds bandages and braces, crutches and scars to heal fast.
Kisses in the moonlight in the deep woods, forest spirits all watching.

                                   Craig Shaffer, March 26, 2011


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